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REMINDER: Per the Los Angeles County Policy on Direct Deposit, all agencies doing business with the County must use Direct Deposit.

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Information Required From All Agencies/Organizations
NOTE: All registrants must review RPOSD grant agreement terms in order to determine ability to meet minimum requirements and long-term obligations. Click HERE to review the document.
If you have any concerns about grant agreement terms, contact RPOSD at
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Nonprofit Organizations Only
The items below are only required of nonprofit organizations:
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Each year, all agencies must update their organizational profile and upload required documents per their organizational type.

To upload the required documents go to the Organization Attachments section below, write a brief description including date of document, choose Upload File, and Select Attach File. Repeat this process until all required documents are uploaded.


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Only for organizations receiving Annual Allocations

This section is for NonProfit Organizations only. Please confirm that your organization's Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation, and 501(c)3 status have not changed. If any item has changed, please upload in "Organization Attachments" section below. You MUST upload a recent IRS form 990.

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